Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn Living Room Inspiration with George Home....

It is no secret that autumn is my favourite season and after a fun day out in the fresh air I love nothing more than coming home to a comfy sofa, a few lit candles and a mug of hot chocolate. Dressing up our home for the colder months is a favourite task of mine too. A simple change of colour palette and cosy touches such as thick woolen blankets and ambient lighting can really revitalise your living space and allow you to embrace that wonderful autumnal feel! 

George Home are currently offering a most impressive range of items to bring your living room bang up to date this season whilst being super friendly on your bank balance.
I've put together a wish list of some of the items I am currently coveting from the website. I'm a real lover of the rustic country look and using natural materials in the home. The rope jar lamp and the wooden lantern are visually just spot and I wouldn't mind a few of those gorgeous deep orange chunky knit throws on the sofas for colder evenings!

The trend for British wildlife this year is one that i'm really on board with too! The highland cow cushion is utterly adorable and I anticipate it will be an incredibly popular item especially as it is priced at just £7. 

By the way, who knew George sold the Simply Home range of Yankee Candles? I didn't! 

What do you think of the new George Home range? I'd love to hear what your favourite items are! 

Promotional post but all written words are my own.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Day Out on the Longshaw Estate....

We took Emilia to Longshaw for the first time last weekend. It is super close to where we live but it is also one of those places that gets crazy busy in the summer so we tend not to visit until the weather gets cooler! To be honest though, autumn is the most beautiful time to visit and there is no shortage of wildlife, colour and things to see.

Longshaw is a National Trust venue just on the edge of Sheffield and is completely free to visit with the exception of a small car park fee. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Peak District, walk for as long as your legs can manage, explore ancient woods and moorlands and lets not forget a visit to the lovely cafe and gift shop! 

During our visit we took a late morning stroll down to the pond so that Emilia could see the ducks and explored a sweet little fairy trail in the woods (complete with tiny doors carved into trees!) before heading back to the cafe for lunch. I opted for the huntsman's pie accompanied by a side salad grown in the kitchen garden behind the cafe and followed that with a raspberry and vanilla slice which was delicious! We sat outside (dogs are not allowed in the cafe) where the tables provide excellent bird watching opportunities and you can enjoy the wonderful endless views of the edge of the Peak District. 

It was a lovely day, i'm sure we will be back again soon! 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy 11 Months!

I can't believe we are only a few weeks away from Emilia's birthday already. Where did that year go? Emilia turns 11 months old today, yet another month that has zoomed by! This month has been one of cuddles, smiles, getting through difficult nights, more cuddles, enjoying being outside lots, tormenting the dog and enjoying a few whole nights of her sleeping through!

Here's a little update on some of the main things this month.... 

Sleep - As mentioned in her 10 month update, we've been having massive problems with her sleeping or anything to do with her laying on her back (nappy changing can be so stressful it has me in tears!). We've been back and forth to the doctors and the last time we went I was pretty much adamant we wouldn't leave without some help. She's already being treated for reflux and so the doctor prescribed us something else to give her on top of what she already takes with each feed and I can't tell you how much this has helped. 
For the past couple of weeks it is like we have a new baby, for the first time ever she lets us hold her whilst sat down for more than a few seconds. She's generally much calmer and we've had a fair few nights where she's actually slept right through until 4/5am and a few times until a much more respectable 6am! 

Doing - Crawling everywhere and cruising as much as possible. She's standing too for a few seconds now without holding on to anything, getting more sturdy by the day! She can crawl so fast and our favourite thing to do is to take her to the park where she can crawl on the grass as much and as far as she likes..... mostly she likes to chase Elsie though, it's adorable!

Saying - Talking of Elsie, her first word is officially "doggy"!. She's worked out how to do her pointy finger and loves pointing at dogs in magazines, on the tv, in the park, and Elsie of course!

Eating - Still on three milk feeds a day and the amount of solids she eats currently varies tremendously. She is very adamant that she no longer wants to be fed with a spoon and screams if we come anywhere near her with one! She's quite happy to feed herself though and her current favourites are toasted muffins/crumpets with a little jam, blueberries, grapes, cucumber, cheese, pasta, toast fingers dipped into homemade soup and pizza.

Likes - Tummy tickles, cuddles, peekaboo, dancing, clapping, going on the swings at the park, splashing in the bath, offering mummy her food, bath time, eating out, seeing sheep and bird in the countryside, climbing on everything, watching Noddy, turning book pages, stroking the dog, playing with containers/boxes and tidying things 'away' (mostly putting stuff under the sofa or behind things!).

Dislikes - Having her nappy changed, getting dressed, wearing socks or shoes and brushing her teeth!

Happy 11 months, my princess!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Yankee Candle "Witches' Brew"

It's that time of year when we say hello to crisp air, golden leaves, boots and coats, dark rainy mornings, pumpkin spice lattes and warm blankets. The beginning of September heralds the start to my favourite season and it also means that Halloween is just around the corner once again!

Yankee Candle's "Witches' Brew"* has long been a favourite autumn fragrance of mine, it's one of those candles only available in the UK for a limited time before it disappears again for another year. It's a really special candle and the ever changing Halloween jar designs always have me coming back for more.

This year the design has been tweaked and improved and i'm really loving the full-on Halloween silhouette landscape wrap complete with cute little pumpkins, spiders, toads and bats. The design is a little more fussy than previous years but it really does work, I can safely say that it is my favourite so far!

The scent of Witches' Brew is absolutely amazing. I'm guilty of lid sniffing this scent when I don't have it lit.... it is ridiculously good and I just can't get enough but i'll say this now, it won't be a scent for everyone. As soon as you lift the lid from the jar you are struck by the intoxicating spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli. It's a really lovely dark, earthy scent with just the right twist of sticky sweet black licorice and a hint of clove.  
The scent immediately conjures up images of damp soil, dark October nights and sticky sweet Halloween treats. It is truly delicious!

On a personal level this scent reminds me intensely of our Halloween honeymoon in Disneyland Resort Paris. During our time there it rained, it was cold, pumpkins, ghosts and intense golden red colours adorned the parks. We ate toffee apples and sweets as we stayed up late to watch fireworks and night parades...... it was the best holiday ever and this candle takes me back there instantly. Perfectly. It's crazy, I just don't know how Yankee Candle do it!

As always, Witches' Brew will only be available for a limited and will be joined this year by another customer favourite "Candy Corn", brand new fragrance "Ghostly Treats" and a range of spooky accessories....

Candy Corn
"The familiar, sweet scent is a fond reminder of Halloween fun and treats."

Ghostly Treats
"The scent of gooey toasted marshmallows is a haunting reminder of sharing spooky tales around a Halloween bonfire."

These scents are all available in medium jar, wax melt, votive and tealight formats and are available to order from so snap now them up before they sell out! 

What Yankee Candle scents have you been burning recently?

* I was sent this product to review but all words are my own!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I'm So Tired....

I've been eyeing up the gorgeous "Hello" pullovers at Hello Merch for a while now but I think with Emilia's recent bedtime antics I might go ahead and treat myself to this one instead along with coordinating vest for her soon....

.... Story of my life at the moment! Aren't they amazing?!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Out and About in Sheffield....

My husband had some time off last week and we had lots of things planned including days at the seaside and trips out into the Peak District. 10 months into this parenting malarkey we're still getting used to not being able to plan too far ahead though and after two weeks of Emilia not sleeping seemingly at all we had to change our plans and try and make the most of our time together whilst surviving on complete zombie mode!

We spent the week instead at local parks, having picnics and admittedly eating far too many chips at park cafes! Emilia had lots of fun on the swings and we gave her plenty of chance to crawl, play and wear herself out (didn't work!) and just enjoy being outdoors. It was lovely to spend time as a family even if we couldn't get far and I am so grateful that we have so many amazing and peaceful parks within minutes of our house! 

You might remember that the park and woods at Whirlowbrook Hall is probably our favourite place to visit nearby and i'd really recommend it if you're after somewhere quiet and full of places to explore. You can literally walk for miles there and always see something new! 
They have also reopened a little temporary cafe (which will be there until they build a permanent one!) within the last few weeks and i'd really love to see them do well after my family worked the cafe in the hall before it closed down a couple of years ago. They do lovely cakes and a variety of sandwiches, etc so please pop over if you're in the area! 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Happy 10 Months!

Emilia turned 10 months old today. How did that happen?! Her age is now in double digits and through each day that passes she gets less baby and more toddler! Her personality is developing rapidly and she is the most wonderful, smiley and happy little girl.... I love spending my time with her!

Here's a little update on her developments this month (& i'll start with the bad!)....

This month we've started to have massive problems with sleep. She's gone from waking very early to barely sleeping at all with hours of hysterical crying throughout the night which has led to a very tired family completely stumped for ideas! She doesn't appear to be teething and we had her checked out by the doctor so we're just riding it out, hoping to get more than a couple of hours sleep in one go soon!

She's enjoying three meals a day and her eating is going very well. Her favourite foods this month are cubes of cheese, pasta, spaghetti, blueberries, yoghurt, green olives, anything with marmite on, and cheerios! She loves eating with her hands, especially at breakfast time where she will pick out her cheerios one by one eating the coloured ones first and leaving the white ones until last! I love watching the way she eats, it's all very methodic and when she's finished she'll do a glorious windscreen wiper arm across the table throwing everything left down on the floor for Elsie to eat!  

Crawling everywhere, discovering everything! She's also standing confidently now and pulling herself up on anything and everything. We tried to 'babyproof' the house before she got to this stage but I never anticipated that she would become so active so quickly! She's quite a tall baby too so she can reach up and grab things off tables and surfaces! All fun.... she's keeping us on our toes! 

This month she loves dancing and music. She's a bit of a headbanger but if we hold her hands she'll get up and have a dance to any song! She also adores us singing to her, especially at bedtime. It really helps settle her down! 

Her noises are sounding more like words each day! She'll excitedly say "DA!" when she sees the dog approaching her and tries to copy words we say. When she's enjoying eating something we'll say something like "Cheese? No problem!" and now she'll pick up her favourite foods, pop them in her mouth whilst saying something that most certainly sounds like "No problem!"..... it's hilarious! 

Other things she's enjoying this month include messy play, lots of tickles, story time, soft toys and noisy toys, bath time, going on the swings at the park, picnics, animals, playing with water and anything that isn't a toy, emptying anything and everything, opening cupboards, opening drawers, and sorting stuff into piles! 

Happy 10 months, my princess!