Saturday, 8 November 2014

Happy 13 Months!

A month has passed since Emilia's birthday already. It has been a nice quiet month, she's enjoyed plenty of outdoor time and playing with all the toys she received for her birthday. A lovely, peaceful month overall! 

So here's a little update on some of the main things during the past few weeks...

Sleep - Daytime naps are currently all over the place! Sometimes she'll have two, sometimes she'll have one, sometimes they are super short and other times she'll have 2.5 hours in one go! Generally though she'll have as much as she needs apart from the odd occasion where she'll wake up after 20 minutes and then be grumpy until bedtime..... admittedly nothing that a bit of Sofia the First can't fix though!
With the exception of night terrors (which she's had most nights this month), her night sleep is so much better too and she's even sleeping for longer now which I think is due to her being more active during the day. So good.... fingers crossed that it will continue!

Doing - Standing confidently and will happily walk with us holding her hands or if she uses her walker. Her legs and back are getting stronger by the day! On a few occasions at home she has taken a few steps completely on her own, she's doing really well!
This month she's been much happier and loves playing with her toys or watching Sofia the First (seriously, she's addicted and will squeal with excitement if I put it on for her!). She's very sociable and loves exploring her surroundings. Books are a firm favourite, she loves turning the pages and especially loves books with pictures of animals in. She's fond of phones and anything phone shaped too, she'll pick them up and start 'talking' to them or give them to us to speak!
Her absolute favourite thing to do this month however is  to EMPTY ALL THE THINGS. If there's a box, cupboard or shelf within reach then she will do her best to clear it in record time... we have to watch her in shops or she'll start pulling things from shelves thinking it is all great fun!

Saying - We think that "again" might be another new word for Emilia, she'll say it if she wants more of something for sure! No new words apart from that. She's very vocal and loves making different noises, her little voice is so precious! 

Eating - This month we have swapped her regular feeds for cows milk and so far so good! She really likes the taste and i'm quite surprised at how easy the change went. We went for a straight swap but I have read that sometimes people like to gradually introduce it. She still drinks milk from a bottle as we are yet to find a beaker that she will drink out of but this is something we'll look out for during the next month or so.

She had her jabs last week and since then she has completely gone off her food with the exception of fruit/treats. I have read that this is quite normal and i'm hoping that she'll get her appetite back again soon! Up until then though she was enjoying all of her favourite foods and getting quite good at using a fork and spoon herself!

Likes - Tummy tickles, making different noises, playing with 'noisy toys' or anything electrical, stroking the dog, walking with her walker, sorting things into piles and stacking things to make towers, snuggles when she's just woken up, going on the swings at the park, going to cafes, laughing when she's doing something naughty, pressing buttons, waving to daddy when he goes to work, going for walks in the pram and being outside!

Dislikes - Same as last month.... Emilia hates having her nappy changed, being strapped into anything or being dressed! It's quite exhausting for us as y'know, these things need to be done quite a few times a day! 
She also quite violently doesn't like being inside shops and as soon as you enter one she'll start having a complete meltdown. Shopping centres and supermarkets are completely out of the question for us at the moment until we can work out how to best handle it or until she can get out of the pram and be able to walk a bit! I think she wants to touch things but get frustrated when she can't.... and it's probably quite boring for her too! If you have any tips i'd love to hear them!

Happy 13 months, my princess! 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas: Pugs

OK, I can finally say it..... Christmas is officially next month! Woohoo! Pugs seem to be everywhere in the shops this year and because I have made it my little mission to own as many pug related things as possible, I have decided to put together a collection of the best pug shaped products (apart from the real deal, of course!). 
Let me tell you, if I had not recently spent a fortune on a nightlight for Emilia I would be getting the lamp below for her bedroom.... it is ridiculously cute and would look amazing at night! 

So if you're a pug lover or looking to buy a gift for someone who is, here are some of my favourite things around at the moment! 

1. Heico Lamp, £70.00 from Urban Outfitters
2. Pugs n Kisses sweater by Gemma Correll, £29.99 from Mama San
3. Necklace, £18.00 from Finest Imaginary
4. Flying Pug gold cushion cover, £20 from
5. Hot water bottle, £10 from Next.

6. Bath Plug Pug, £7.00 from Boots (part of the 3 for 2 offer)
7. Cushion Cover, £40.00 from Mini Rodini
8. Wash bag, £25.00 from Poppy Treffry.
9. Christmas mittens with touch screen detail, £8.00 from ASOS

10. Circus Pug T-shirt by Mini Rodini, £20,00 from Selfridges
11. Lielou Pug, £154.99 from Steiff

Monday, 27 October 2014

Elsie's Letter to Santa....

It's almost November so we're pretty much safe to mention Christmas now, aren't we?! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I'm going to admit that I have! 

When you are out shopping, I always think that it is important to spoil your pets at Christmas just as much as everyone else! They are certainly part of the family and it isn't just me who thinks so too.... apparently 9 out of 10 owners make sure their pet gets a festive treat each year! 
Pets at Home asked me recently if I would help Elsie write a letter to Santa to see what she would like for Christmas this year. She certainly has her eye on a few things from the Pets at Home website and so here is her letter below....

Dear Santa,

My name is Elsie and I am three years old, I live in Yorkshire which I guess is a very long way from where you are! I hope that you have had a nice relaxing year and I hope all the reindeer are well.  

I have been a very good girl this year.... mummy and daddy say that I have been amazing welcoming my human baby sister Emilia into our family and I am always very loving and gentle with her. 
This year I have decided to become a well behaved dog, this is something I have not really tried before but I am actually really quite good at it! I can be trusted to walk without a lead in the park now and play nicely with other dogs that are bigger than me. I'm also very well behaved in cafes and restaurants now, much to mummy's delight!  

As I have been such a good girl, I have put together a list of some of the things that I would like for Christmas this year! As you know, i'm rather fond of a comfy bed, tasty treats and anything wearable that will cause people to give me lots of fuss when I am out on my walks! I've also never had my own advent calendar before but I quite like the idea of having an extra treat each day! 

It would make me very happy if I found any of the items below under our Christmas tree this year! 

Lots of love,

Elsie the Pug xx

* All items shown are available from Pets at Home.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

50 Things to do in Blackpool: Part Five....

So here's the last installment of my list of '50 things to do in Blackpool', I hope you've enjoyed reading!


Brooks Collectables is a family run shop on Waterloo Road in the south shore area. It incorporates a free entry museum exhibition and both are well worth a visit if you’re in the area! The shop sells a wide variety of goods including die-cast models both old and new, souvenirs, gifts, well known brands such as Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, etc!
Upstairs you’ll find the collectors and memorabilia museum which has some real gems such as a 5ft Blackpool Tower model, dolls house and doll collections, coins, stamps and much more!

For more information please click here.


A little out of the town centre, Marton Mere is a tranquil refuge and important venue for nature conservation. It was once part of the councils rubbish tip but is now a marvellous biodiversity hotspot. As stated on the Blackpool gov website, Marton Mere “is a nationally recognised Site of Special Scientific Interest for its bird populations, but it also supports a number of other nationally important species such as dragonflies, butterflies, bats and orchids.”
Visitors can enjoy the nature reserve by following the designated footpaths and visiting the many purpose built bird watching hides.

For more information please click here.


If you’ve not visited Blackpool for a good few years or indeed if you’ve never visited at all then you’ll be blown away by the redevelopment of the seafront. The finished product is beautiful, clean, wonderfully landscaped and spacious. Taking a walk down the promenade is once again a joyous experience with so much to offer, whether you’re walking from pier to pier or the whole distance!


Ripley’s is located in the south shore area on the seafront with the Pleasure Beach. Inside you’ll find two floors filled with hundreds of exhibits of the odd, the unusual and just plain bizarre! Seeing is believing and if you visit you’ll experience everything from a two headed calf and a fertility statue which has apparently had over 1000 confirmed pregnancies to a portrait of Princess Diana constructed entirely out of 2500 penny coins.

Ripley’s is a little bit mad but well worth a visit!

For more information please click here.


I love a spot of shopping and Blackpool is a surprisingly good place to do this! In the middle of town is the relatively new Houndshill shopping centre which has countless shops (including the most amazing Disney Store!) in addition to an upstairs food court. The rest of the town centre is pretty decent too with an array of indoor markets, fantastic charity shops, and high street stores. A little further out of Blackpool you’ll find Freeport Fleetwood (a large discount shopping outlet with everything from Gap to M&S) and also Lytham is wonderful if you’re looking for more unique and exclusive shops.   


The Pasaje Del Terror is an interactive and realistic horror experience located in the basement of the Casino building opposite the main entrance to Pleasure Beach. Not for the faint hearted, this attraction boasts its victims on screens in front of the attraction if you want to get an idea of what it’s like before you visit!
The attraction has a theatrical setting arranged into 20 sets and around 18 actors lurking in the darkness alongside a whole heap of horrifying sound and lighting effects creating the most hair-raising experience!

For more information please click here.


 Located within Stanley Park, the model village is a super cute attraction and well worth a visit. Inside you’ll find hundreds of tiny creative village scenes set stunningly into 2.5 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens with paved pathways providing access for all. At the model village you’ll find a gift shop selling snacks and refreshments and there’s Anita’s Ice Cream Parlour too!
Also, I know I’ve mentioned this in another post but the model village is dog friendly (as long as they are on a lead) and I think it is the only paid attraction in Blackpool to let dogs in too so worth a visit if you’re looking for something a bit different to do with your pooch!

For more information please click here.


The RNLI Blackpool lifeboat station is located on Central Promenade and is completely free entry. The station is one of only two that have three inshore lifeboats - an Atlantic 75 and two D class lifeboats. As well as housing the towns lifeboats, the station provides you with a real insight into the truly amazing and heroic work that the RNLI do, both locally and nationally.
There is also has a lovely gift shop that sells a wonderful range of great gifts and sounvenirs as well as beautiful Christmas cards, notecards and calendars.

For more information please click here.


Inside the tower building is one of the UK’s biggest and best indoor adventure playground, set within an amazing themed ‘Lost City’. Basically it’s a giant soft play centre for kids of all ages, including an area filled with ball pools and slides for smaller children! It’s a great place to take the kids for a while, especially on a rainy day or if you’re in the tower building anyway.
There’s plenty of seating for the grown-ups too and a small cafe area where you can purchase drinks, sandwiches and snacks. Please note though that timed sessions operate during weekends, school holidays and busier times.

For more information please click here.


Samlesbury Hall

Lastly, don’t forget that Lancashire is a pretty big and amazing place. There is so much to do around here, I’m certain that there is something for everyone! Don’t forget to visit Lytham, St Annes & Fleetwood.... all super close by and you’ll find a lovely day out in each. Samlesbury Hall is a beautiful historic home. The Lake District is also within daytripping distance from Blackpool and you could even pop over to Manchester or the Trafford Centre!

To find out what the rest of Lancashire has to offer please visit the Visit Lancashire website

Friday, 24 October 2014

50 Things to do in Blackpool: Part Four....

If you know me, then you’ll know I love my food! When we’re in Blackpool we’ll often travel all over looking for new places to eat. We love the food in nearby St Annes, with Anatolia (open Barbeque Turkish cuisine) and the Olive Tree Brasserie (Greek & Mediterranean) being firm favourites of ours and further up in Lytham you’ll also find many more magnificent establishments. Blackpool has its fair share of amazing places to dine too so today i’ll be sharing my top 10 of these....


No trip to the seaside is complete without an ice cream and you simply won’t find better than from Notarianni's. This beautiful family run business based on Waterloo Road in the south shore has been making good old fashioned vanilla ice cream since 1928 and I seriously cannot tell you how good it is!
You’ll be spoilt for choice as the ice cream is served up every way imaginable from traditional cones and tubs to classic sundaes such as Knickerbocker glories, Banana splits and their very own ‘Notties Mess’. Order your ice cream from the takeaway and take it down to the beach on a nice day or have a seat in their ice cream parlour where you’ll find a whole selection of sundaes, coffees, drinks, cakes and sandwiches.
Notarianni’s is completely retro in the most charming and delightful way, it’s always somewhere we head for as soon as we arrive in Blackpool!

For more information please click here.


If you’re looking for fish & chips then make sure a visit to The Cottage is on your agenda. The Cottage features in Rick Stein’s ‘Seafood Lovers Guide’ as the best fish & chips in Blackpool and seeing as he's the king of fish, i'm going to trust his words!
The menu is traditional and simple but the food is fantastic and portions are generous! All of their fish is fished from sustainable stocks in British waters. Fresh Scottish haddock is brought by road from Aberdeen daily and all of their other varieties of fish are purchased daily at the nearby Fleetwood fish market.
Situated on Newhouse Road near Stanley Park, The Cottage has both a takeaway and a restaurant area. We’ve only ever had takeaway from there but the restaurant looks super cosy and they are bizarrely proud of the many celebrities who have dined there with framed photographs of everyone from Lenny Henry to Status Quo adorning the walls!

For more information please click here.  


The Beach House is situated in the iconic Festival House on the promenade and has the luxury of breathtaking views of the Irish Sea. A beautiful and relatively new place to eat, this venue is famous for its contemporary decor, great entertainment and delicious food.
Every Thursday to Sunday you can enjoy fabulous entertainment from in house musicians and the menu is a real treat serving everything from pizzas and pastas to steak, chicken and fish dishes all cooked to perfection. The outdoor seating is perfect on a warm day and don’t forget to try a cocktail whilst you’re there!

For more information please click here.  


Tiger Bills have a few restaurants dotted around the UK and their latest venue opened this year in the historic casino building at the entrance of the Pleasure Beach. The menu is hugely varied.... choose from the Western Grill or the Authentic Thai menu or mix and match if you can’t decide!
Tiger Bills Blackpool is also partnered by the Apple and Parrot bar a little further down the promenade so after your meal, why not enjoy an evening of live music whilst enjoying a drink (or few!)?
Look out for special offers on the website too such as the 2 course lunch offer for just £8.95.  

For more information please click here.


The Blues Bar is housed in the gorgeous Big Blue Hotel and dining here is simply a wonderful experience! The restaurant was recently voted ‘Hotel Restaurant of the Year’ at the Blackpool Tourism Awards and it’s not hard to see why. The food is absolutely superb and made with fresh, local produce whether you’re visiting for lunch, afternoon tea or a delicious gourmet evening meal. There’s also a fabulous cocktail menu and the children’s menu includes an incredibly fun ‘make your own pizza’ option!

If you’re staying at the Big Blue Hotel too then you’re in for a real treat with breakfast!

For more information please click here.


Toast is one of our favourite places to have lunch when we’re in Blackpool but they also have an amazing evening menu. There are two Toast venues, one in nearby St Annes and the other in Blackpool town centre near the North Pier. You are really spoilt for choice with their menu, it’s huge and varied and there’s certainly something to please everyone! From pastas and pizzas to full Sunday roasts, all of the food is created fresh to order using high-quality ingredients and locally sourced fresh produce from within Lancashire and the surrounding areas. Also, the interior of the restaurant is contemporary and chic yet totally relaxed! A lovely place to dine no matter what time of day!

For more information please click here.


Sapori is the place to go if you’re looking for delicious modern Italian cuisine. Yet another award winning establishment, you’ll find Sapori on Clifton Street in the town centre. Fantastically located for enjoying a beautiful meal before a great night out!
The Sapori menu is again varied with everything on offer from pizzas and oven baked pastas to a wide range of innovative dishes and delicious desserts.

For more information please click here.


Rowley’s Bistro offers guests a modern British menu using some of the best local and regional produce with some international twists and always "big hearty flavours". If you’re looking for somewhere a little bit special based in a exceptional venue with unique views of the stadium then pop this one on your list. Dining here is a magnificent experience yet surprisingly affordable and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the a la carte menu (and anywhere that serves proper bread & butter pudding is excellent in my books!).

For more information please click here.


Yet another award winning restaurant, Michael Wan’s Mandarin has been voted the third best Chinese restaurant in the UK. The food is traditional and authentic and the venue decor is beautiful. Choose from a mouth watering selection of menus including a special ‘pre-theatre & midweek menu’ which is available Sunday to Thursday before 7pm, Fri & Sat before 6.30pm. There is also a fabulous ‘Little Panda’ menu for kids and the restaurant even offer a selection of incredible cookery classes and a comprehensive calendar of live music and entertainment so do check their website for more details!


I’m adding this one for its premium seafront location beside the Blackpool Tower. Harry Ramsden’s is of course famous worldwide for its fish & chips. The Blackpool restaurant has had a fantastic contemporary makeover recently providing both indoor and outdoor seating with awesome views of the promenade. The menu is widely varied and serves a whole lot more than just fish & chips including a variety of burgers, salads and a selection of yummy desserts.

For more information please click here

Part five coming soon!

Monday, 20 October 2014

50 Things to do in Blackpool: Part Three....

In part three i'm going to show you a selection of 10 of the best events, shows and entertainment venues in Blackpool although I will admit this only scratches the surface of what there is to see! For a detailed calender of events, hop on over to the Visit Blackpool website where you'll find full listings for everything from shows and community events to festivals.


The Hot Ice Show is a magnificent ice skating show based in the Pleasure Beach Arena. It’s a real treat to see featuring the very best performers from around the world taking to the ice in the most exquisite costumes to a collection of incredible music, the very best lighting and awesome special effects.
The show runs daily during the summer (check the website for specifics!) and usually follows the format of a shorter length matinee in the afternoon and the full show in the evening.

For more information and tickets please click here.


We are huge fans of the Truly Scrumptious fairs which are held in the beautiful Winter Gardens building on a few dates throughout the year. The fairs are a spectacular of crafts, vintage goodies, delicious food and cakes, live music, craft workshops and much more! They are a great way to pick up unique gifts and get to know local sellers. A lovely way to spend a weekend!

For more information please click here.


Blackpool is the northern capital of great entertainment and there are few better ways to spend an evening than catching a show. There are literally so many venues to choose from all with an exciting programme of events but if you’re looking for the bigger shows and concerts then head towards the Winter Gardens or the Grand Theatre.
In May 2015 you’ll be able to catch a stunning performance of Hairspray the Musical at the Grand Theatre, a show worth booking a trip for I think!

For more information about the Winter Gardens click here.
For more information about the Grand Theatre click here.


On selected dates throughout September and October, see the skies lit up courtesy of the ultimate leaders in firework entertainment. See a series of perfectly choreographed firework shows from countries all over the world competing for the winning title which is announced at the beginning of October. Competitors for 2015 are yet to be announced but it is an amazing free evening of entertainment!
You’ll get a great view wherever you are along the promenade (and this event does get busy!) but our favourite place to watch the shows from are on either the Central or South piers.... grab a seat and a mug of hot chocolate whilst you’re there!


On selected dates throughout the year and held by various venues and organisations, step behind the scenes in some of Blackpools most famous landmarks from the Blackpool Tower to the Winter Gardens, the costume department at the Pleasure Beach and even the illuminations depot. Each venue makes for a thrilling and insightful experience!
It’s worth having a quick Google before you set off to Blackpool to see if any of these are being held whilst you’re there. We absolutely love the Blackpool Tower heritage tours which last about one and a half hours with a fully accredited guide with various options such as afternoon tea in the Ballroom afterwards. This is our favourite tour because you’ll get access to parts of the tower you wouldn’t normally get to see such as the beautiful circus stables and seeing where the first bolt was fastened on the tower legs! Perfect historical geekery!


Everyone knows Blackpool is famous for its illuminations, right?! When other seaside resorts are winding down for the winter, Blackpool is only just getting started for one of its busiest periods. The illuminations are an amazing spectacle to see at over 10 kilometres long and consist of almost every type of light display you can imagine!
Arguably, one of the best ways to see the lights is by tram (you can even take a trip round them on an illuminated heritage tram) but make sure you get off to walk the last bit as the large illuminated tableaux are really worth seeing up close. This year sees the addition of Alice’s Garden which was co-designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and the in-house team. It features a magical illuminated water garden and an 8 foot bridge. It is really quite lovely!
If you’re travelling by car then I’d recommend doing it on a weeknight as it does get incredibly busy at the weekend!

For more information please click here.


Rebellion is the original Punk and Alternative festival and one of the biggest of its kind in the world. The event runs over four days and sees hundreds of bands spread across multiple stages as well as cinema, merchandise, punk art, craft markets, an acoustic stage and lots more! The 2015 event will be held on 6th-9th August 2015 so if you’re looking for something different, come and celebrate everything punk! No need to worry about the British weather spoiling things either, it’s all indoors!

For more information please click here.


Showzam is known as Blackpool's annual festival of circus, magic and new variety. An enchanting event created for all including family and adult audiences. Showzam brings together skills, talents and theatrical expertise of world famous performers and is an event that is truly unique to Blackpool.
The event is held in February and the programme is packed full of wonderful entertainment, shows, workshops and much more! Details for 2015 are yet to be published but more details and the 2014 programme are available here.


The Blackpool Pride festival brings together LGB&T people together for a celebration of LGB&T lifestyle in a town which has an associated long and rich history.
The main event is a free festival in the iconic Winter Gardens where you’ll find fantastic entertainment, market stalls and several bars as well as much more! There’s also a colourful and lively parade which runs along the promenade and a series of cultural events created to support the festival encouraging the whole town to join in with the festivities. Even the Blackpool Tower joins in by donning a rainbow flag!

For more information please click here.


The Blackpool Air Show is an amazingly popular event for the resort and it is an event that sees a whole host of spectacular flying machines taking to the skies for an incredible show. Blackpool hosted the UK’s first official air show in 1909 and it is still staged annually over 100 years later with stunning aerobatic stunts and fly-bys from wonderful aircraft no longer in commission.

For more information please click here

Part four coming soon!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

50 Things to do in Blackpool: Part Two....


If you’re looking for a great night out then look no further than Funny Girls, an absolute ‘must do’ if you’re in Blackpool. Based in the beautiful old art deco Odeon Theatre in the centre of town, this unique and unforgettable show presents you with a unique brand or burlesque cabaret exquisitely performed by male dancers and drag queens and accompanied by the wonderful DJ Zoe.
If you’re visiting Funny Girls then you’ll have the choice of watching the show by standing in the main area downstairs or booking one of the VIP booths above complete with waitress service or private bar. You can even treat yourself you a spectacular meal in their restaurant before the show (advance booking essential).

For more information and tickets please click here


The Grundy is a leading contemporary visual arts centre situated in a Grade II listed building in the centre of Blackpool.
The gallery hosts an extensive programme of temporary exhibitions including contemporary, modern and historical art, featuring established and emerging artists, as well as displays from its permanent collection.
I’m a big fan of their wonderful little shop too; great for gift buying, quality Blackpool books and postcards..... You can find some real gems here!

For more information please click here.


Blackpool is synonymous with rock making and there are a few places in the town you can actually go and see it being made. Learn how staff effortlessly place the letters inside those sticks of rock and breathe in deep, for the smell of all that sugar is just the most incredible thing!
Shops where you can see rock being made is dotted around Blackpool, you don’t really need to look that hard! Make sure you visit the Coronation World rock factory though based in the south shore area who have a purpose built viewing gallery where you can see the whole production area. They also offer free parking and have both a cafe and factory shop!  

For more information please click here.

14 – BLOTT

Blott artist studios based on King Street in the town centre is a fantastic artist led venture, a gallery established in 1999 to provide a platform for professional artists living in and around the Blackpool area. The gallery exhibits work all year round and also displays the work of visiting guest artists, nationally and internationally including a variety of work from sculpture to prints.
The gallery is currently open from Monday to Saturday with varying opening times so please check the website before making a visit!

For more information please click here.


The Great Promenade Show is a series of large-scale outdoor art installations permanently set along a 2km stretch of the beautifully designed sea defence wall in the south shore area. The works were commissioned by Blackpool Council from both established and emerging artists to animate the promenade and offer a creative attraction to the town's residents and 11 million annual visitors.
The vision for the art works is that of an outdoor gallery or a visual variety show, a programme of 'acts', each one reflecting an aspect of Blackpool's diverse character.

My absolute favourite piece “They Shoot Horses, Don't They?” by Michael Trainor is an enormous rotating mirror ball, measuring 6m in diameter and covered in almost 47,000 mirrors. The piece beautifully reflects Blackpool as being the ‘Ballroom capital of Britain’ and looks amazing, no matter what the weather!


Just in front of the tower over on the promenade is where you’ll find the magnificent Comedy Carpet. Created by artist Gordon Young, and designed in collaboration with Why Not Associates, the Comedy Carpet is a celebration of comedy on an astonishing scale. It is in fact one of the largest pieces of public art ever commissioned in the UK and is pretty much our answer to the Hollywood ‘walk of fame’.
Viewing the Comedy Carpet you’ll find famous catchphrases and jokes from over 1,000 comedians and writers (apparently over 80% of these have performed in the town at one point or another!) immortalised in concrete and granite. Everyone from Peter Kay to Ken Dodd and Monty Python to On The Buses is included and you’ll have heaps of fun finding your favourites!

For more information please click here.


I don’t really need to write about this one, do I? The beach in Blackpool is beautiful, clean, sandy and huge!


Blackpool isn't short of piers and walking down the famous Golden Mile, you’ll never be far from one. All three of the piers were constructed during the Victorian age and each one has its own distinct identity. North Pier is the most traditional of the three and is famous for its entertainment venues and beautiful carousel whilst Central and South Piers are crammed full of rides, amusements and places to eat.
We love visiting the South Pier in an evening during the illuminations for candyfloss, donuts and chocolate covered fruit!


Stanley Park is the biggest park in Blackpool and offers everything from beautiful gardens and historical buildings to heaps of fun activities. Facilities and things to do include the lovely art deco cafe, playgrounds for children, BMX race track, boat hire, indoor and outdoor sports centre and model village (which is also dog friendly!) as well as much, much more! A lovely way to spend a day or two!

For a full list of facilities and details of parking please click here.


There are countless amusement arcades in Blackpool and if you’re planning on visiting any then I really do recommend Coral Island as being the best way to fritter away that loose change! The Iconic amusement arcade is bright, loud and crammed full of arcade games, a casino, prize bingo, slot machines and even a few rides including a pirate themed ghost train. There are plenty of places to eat too (they are actually pretty good!) and it is worth mentioning that kids eat free in all of their restaurants.

For more information please click here

Part three coming soon!